Saturday, September 4, 2010

Once love

I'm perplexed writing your text,
As something speaks to me, I can't wait to see what's next.
I'll obey ever word you say
If you want me to go away I won't stay.
But as our eyes Synchronize, it takes me to a paradise,
And I'd sacrifice my own life just to see this moment happen twice.
Or each and every chance I glance at you,
It moves me into trance of absolute romance.
The truth lies beneath my cries,
And every time you turn away my heart dies.
Only when the world collapses
Is when the whole world claps
And my heart finally falls beneath the gaps.
For instance, what is this substance?
The thing that draws me closer without distance.
I'm left with no choice
Your voice echoes with rejoice inside,
The rising tide of emotion hasn't died.
Oh such a wonderful feeling
Has be kneeling praying beyond the ceiling.
But, as your lips grew hotter,
You drown me deeper into the water
Now I'm lost, I can't reach the surface,
Whatever man I serve no purpose,
Come on take the dice and roll,
It was my heart that you stole,
And now your soul's got a brand new hole.
The attempts and dreams,
All the painful thoughts and screams.
But the sadness now is swelling,
Compelling me deep within my mental dwelling
That place far out of reach of your grasp
Taunting me with your deadly vile asp.
You may wish it could be corrected
That all my ideas haven't been connected
The love I had for you has been redirected.
You're the only part of my love that fades,
Teasing me with razor sharp like blades
I curse you, the queen of spades.
The matter progresses and develops
What? , Devil, ups ?
You know what, I just don't get it,
How come over 60 percent of you said it
By now it's better to forget it.
What?, refrain from decades of pain,
Your words are like a black stain,..
Too me.., I've got nothing to gain.
Give up?, no I don't need to,
venire love is easy too see through.
I wish it was only us two, just me and you.

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